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As you may have noticed by the onslaught of posts these last few days, Bo and Revi are now one year old. I know, right? I haven't mentioned it at all! I haven't posted a single picture!



Bo and Revi are now one year old and much like we did with Archer and Fable on their first birthdays, we replaced their infant carseats. Except this time? We replaced their infant carseats with... more infant carseats.

Ah, but they're ALSO toddler carseats, built to comfortably seat both infants AND toddlers up to 40 lbs. (Bo is currently 23 lbs and Revi is 19.)

(ED: I've been hired to act as one of Graco's Carseat Ambassadors so I got to be one of the first to see/experience/put to use their new Graco Snugride Click Connect 40 seats to the test.)

Full disclosure, we turned both Archer AND Fable's convertible carseats around at age one because they HATED having their feet scrunched up against the seat. Both of them would kick and scream and flail and I couldn't WAIT to turn their seats around so they could breathe and not scream and relax and not scream and stretch their legs and not scream. (In those days there was no such thing as adjustable rear facing seats.)

...Enter the FIRST seat of its kind that slides back and forth to adjust for more leg room so your 5 pound infant (mine were just over 5lbs when I took them home) can comfortably rock their "infant" carseat through toddlerhood.

Last week we replaced the girls' (non adjustable) infant seats and for the first time in months Bo and Revi had/have ample leg room for kicking and stretching and (most importantly) not screaming. Because safety is MOST important but so is COMFORTABLE BABIES WHO DO NOT SCREAM THE ENTIRE DRIVE TO SANTA MONICA.

A much more comfortable ride for them.

And for us.

Safe AND sound = Sold.

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- Rebecca Woolf, Girls Gone Child

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