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Bee is two months today and I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I’ve ventured outside of my home alone with her. (OK, I’ll admit – three times! In two months!) Maybe it’s a new mom thing, or perhaps it’s just my homebody personality. But for some reason, I feel anxiety building every time I think about Bee and I leaving the house by ourselves. With no one else. Eek. Just typing that gave me hives. And I know I just need practice and I’ll eventually figure out how to juggle a car seat, diaper bag, stroller base and the like – all while making sure I get to my favorite breakfast spot in time for the 10:30 cut-off. (Or does that ever happen, Mamas?)

But the good news? I do manage to take her on a stroll around our neighborhood lake every morning, and I can’t even tell you how much we enjoy it. She sleeps, I dream, and we both enjoy an hour of peace and quiet to start our day. It’s the only time of day I can nearly guarantee she won’t be crying. And what a blessed guarantee that is, yes?…

So when Graco asked me to act as their ambassador this fall, I jumped at the chance. Because Graco is the reason I can enjoy that amazing hour every morning. Their newest car seat, Snugride Click Connect 40, is a perfectly cozy fit for her and I can rest easy knowing she’s safe and sound during our (few) solo car rides and our (many) walks around the lake. (Plus, that pattern is adorable. Is that pattern not adorable?)

The car seat is amazing on its own (it’s the only one on the market that seats a baby from newborn to 2 years!), but I love pairing it with the Snugrider Elite stroller for our morning walks. You know who else does?:

Bernie. Seriously. This has proven to be his new hideout for the past week. I don’t get it either, but the neighbors love to see him ride along every morning.

One last awesome note about the Snugride Click Connect 40? You can buckle your baby in with ONE hand. I didn’t believe it either, but it’s the most genius car seat element I’ve ever come across. Because as soon as you have a baby, you lose a hand.

Thanks, Graco, for giving me an extra hand – and for that luscious, luscious hour every morning. I owe you big. (sponsored)

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- Erin Loechner, Design for MiniKind

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