SnugRide Click Connect 40

Bee is two months today and I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I’ve ventured outside of my home alone with her. (OK, I’ll admit – three times! In two months!) Maybe it’s a new mom thing, or perhaps it’s just my homebody personality. But for some reason, I feel anxiety building every time I think about Bee and I leaving the house by ourselves. With no one else. Eek. Just typing that gave me hives. And I know I just need practice and I’ll eventually figure out how to juggle a car READ MORE seat, diaper bag, stroller base and the like...

Infant Car Seat Reviews
- Erin Loechner, Design for MiniKind

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As you may have noticed by the onslaught of posts these last few days, Bo and Revi are now one year old. I know, right? I haven't mentioned it at all! I haven't posted a single picture! AHHHHHH!!! Anyway. Bo and Revi are now one year old and much like we did with Archer and Fable on their first birthdays, we replaced their infant carseats. Except this time? We replaced their infant carseats with... more infant carseats. Ah, but they're ALSO toddler carseats, built to comfortably seat both READ MORE infants AND toddlers up to 40 lbs.

Infant Car Seat Reviews
- Rebecca Woolf, Girls Gone Child

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If you’re looking for a car seat that will comfortably seat your baby from birth to 40 pounds, look no further -- Graco has done it again with the introduction of the SnugRide Click Connect 40. Did you know? The American...

- Monica Beyer, The Hatch Blog READ REVIEW    

Welcome to the first of about a month of weekly giveaways tied to our 2012 American Baby Bests Awards! Each year we ask parents on this Web site, and on the American Baby Facebook page, what products they...

- Jessica Hartshorn, READ REVIEW    

Last spring, the American Academy of Pediatrics made big news when they changed their recommendations for carseat safety for young children. In the past, a child reaching their first birthday often meant...

- Molly Balint, Baby Center Blog READ REVIEW    

As you may know, I’m kind of a fanatic about car safety. I do a lot of research to ensure that I have safe car seat options for my children, and I am passionate about helping others do as much as they can to keep their children safe in the car.

- Amy Ransom, Occupation Mommy READ REVIEW    

Meg, first time mama

- Canton, Ohio

Great carseat for the price. We were an auto accident, and needed to get another seat. I went back and forth between a stationary seat, and a carrier seat. We were borrowing a stationary seat at the time. As I was... Read More >

Mom of 6

- Spokane, WA

This carseat is made very nicely. It is not too heavy. The no re-thread harness and side impact protection is very similar to Peg Perego's. Graco has made the side impact wings go out at an angle instead of... Read More >


- Dover, DE

Love the way this carseat looked online and all! Received it in the mail and the warning label was HUGE and takes away from the look of the carseat! Yes it's good to have a warning label but the position of it could... Read More >


- Vermont

I got this car seat for my baby shower and absolutely love it. I was super thrilled to receive such a high quality seat that I know will last me a while! It's extremely fashionable, and looks even better in person! Read More >

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